Authors: Katerina Polyakova & Amaelle Grosjean

Not all of us are experts with coding or geeky websites, but the good news is that nowadays there is an easier way to create a website.

Obviously, if you want your website to be professional and known at the Global scale, maybe you will need to learn more difficult tools. However, if you want to create a site for a limited amount of time such as blogs, a daily website, portfolios, or events this article is for you!

The website that our group wanted to create, was for advertising a Hackathon. We wanted to insert a description of the event, the schedule, the application form, speaker’s information, maps and our sponsors.

The first try was with WorldPress : This website enable you to build in a simple way, a site for business, personal brand, or portfolio. You only need to enter your information and choose between 3 layouts that are free. However, this was not a convenient website to create an event because the layouts are more focussing on a more commercial basis.

Therefore, the next try was with Wix : This website is also very easy to use with professional templates, mobile version and free pictures available to the public. The templates focus more on shops online, blog, portfolio and events. Then, after registering and choosing the right template, there is only a need to replaces, pictures, titles and make it personalised and customized.

The key to the web-creation is patience and perseverance. Indeed, the server might be slow time to time and there is also a moment where the users need to learn to manipulate the tools. But after few hard working days, the first results are appearing and all the efforts will make sense after that.