This page is dedicated to the students of the Master in Innovation, Human Development & Sustainability of the University of Geneva and their research. These blog posts give you an idea of the projects developped within the Solution Space and the Master Degree.

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Following the federal government easing of restrictions on in-person teaching in Swiss universities as of Monday, 19 April and the University of Geneva’s subsequent guidelines on this, we are happy to confirm that the SDG Solution Space is now partially open to our partners, students and other collaborators.

Blood Money: the Tampon Tax

Unfolding the controversy in France The “tampon tax” is commonly used to refer to the value-added tax set on feminine hygiene products such as tampon, sanitary towels, cups. Indeed, women spend on average 5 to 7 euros per month on sanitary products (Dumont, 2019)....

The Unconditional Basic Income in Switzerland

Why don't we just give money to people?In a world with increased inequalities, struggling economies and devastated environment, leaders and civil society are desperate for solutions. In the midst of a sea of world problems’ resolutions, some may simply wonder why...

The MOOC Controversy

By Adrian Mandela Grunder, Afroditi Anastasaki, Hussein Khalil Dib. Complementary to the traditional education in class, the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) were introduced in 2006 as a new, in-distance education tool aimed at unlimited participation and open...