Birthday Lab Oscar

Organized by Addictlab

Date & Time

03/11/2019 @ 13 h 30 min - 16 h 30 min

Event's Description

Addictlab, an SDG Solution Space partner, is an international creative laboratory since 1997 doing research on cross disciplinary projects and collective intelligence. From a Urban Green lab, to find ideas on how to make our cities more green, over a Tourist lab to innovate the tourism market to a corporate transformation lab. The lab publishes and exhibits talent and ideas from all over the world. Addictlab’s mission is R&D on creativity and has embraced the SDGS to evaluate the incoming concepts. The lab has created specific tools, such as the SDG impact evaluation kit, SDG idea walls and more. – In addition to the research lab to find new ideas, the Addictlab Academy was created to share those ideas. Workshops and courses have been developed and companies and schools are now inviting the lab for interventions. At the SDG Solution Space, next to using the fab lab for idea prototyping and research, the Academy boasts the so-called Birthday labs, a playful yet educational activity for kids to discover and learn about creativity and the SDGS, all while celebrating together and having fun. Think 3D printing with food waste, virtual reality experiences (sdg14: Lifebelowwater), recycle plastic into a scribbling machine, endangered species laser cutting, how to build a solar panel etc.


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