C4SI Prototyping workshop

Organized by Just Innovate

Date & Time

26/10/2019 @ 8 h 30 min - 17 h 30 min

Event's Description

Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI) is an experiential education program on design thinking for social innovation. It is a two-month annual program, run by students for students, for free. We bring together individuals from a diversity of disciplines and backgrounds. Participants attend workshops delivered by experts and receive the support of experienced mentors to co-create social innovations in response to social problems identified by IOs and NGOs. This year, C4SI Demo Day will be part of Geneva’s Global Entrepreneurship Week.

C4SI 2019 will have its fourth workshop at SDG Solution Space, focusing on prototyping and testing. Guided through a step-by-step hands-on process, participants will experience the mindset and practice the method of Human-Centered Design to produce tangible results quickly and learn how the cycle of prototyping, feedback and iteration can be applied to concept definition and refinement.


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