Geek Girls Carrots Geneva Meetup

Organized by Geek Girls Carrots Geneva

Date & Time

27/11/2019 @ 18 h 00 min - 22 h 00 min

Event's Description

Are you interested in Technology and Science? Come to the Geek Girls Carrots Geneva meetup and join our community of like-minded people! Geek Girls Carrots ( is a global grassroots organization focused on attracting women to tech. We create community by organizing meetings, workshops, and other events which gather people to share their knowledge and experience. We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, project managers, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more.

We’re proud to announce the first presentation: Can you do social selling when you’re a tech company? by Gabrielle Loeb

Gabrielle is a Social media expert, Linkedin trainer, and a visiting lecturer at CREA Digital in Geneva. She founded Digital Dynamo, to help SMBs and startups to thrive thanks to digital and social selling.

Previously she was the Head of Mobile at Havas Media Agency in Paris and before that, she spent 15 years as a Marketing and Communication executive at Ubisoft and in a startup company developing mobile applications for brands.

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