GTI SDG Summer School

GTI SDG Summer School

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Date & Time

01/07/2019 - 28/07/2019 @ All Day

Event's Description

The SDG Summer School is inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs, launched by the UN in 2015.  To achieve these goals, we need to enable today’s youth to play an active and meaningful role in tackling them. The motivation of the SDG Summer School is for teams of university students, in close collaboration with International Organisations in Geneva, to conceive ways to use open data, crowdsourcing technologies, and low-cost open source solutions to achieve concrete steps towards the SDGs, at a local, regional or global level.

The SDG Summer School is all about team-based problem solving and hands-on prototype development, going from a conception phase to producing practical demos. All accepted participants receive intensive mentoring and coaching to help transform their ideas into impactful projects, and become part of a global community of civic innovators. The SDG Summer School includes study visits to UN Agencies, International Organisations, NGOs and other partnering organisations in Geneva.

The Summer School will end with a trip to Paris, where each team will be participating in the Learning Planet Assembly (26-27 July).  


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