The purpose of this 3D design is to create a holder for the Camera of the VR System. For the VR system you need to set the space were the system will analyse your moves. To do so you put 2 Square Cameras on tripod at two opposite corner of the volume you want to use.

ADDICLAB has a HTC vive VR system but if the system is coming with 2 cameras on support, those supports are not adapted to the screw of the Tripods.

and finally Jan use tie-rip to fix them on the tripods.

[to be added : picture before]


The idea is to create this missing part between the top screw of the tripop and the support of the camera.

[to be added : pict screw & support]

As the design is really simple, I am using to draw the part between the screw and the support.

With a simple Clic on the following link you should be able to visualize or/and download STL to print the part