Student Code of Conduct

The SDG Solution Space is dedicated to open creation and collaboration between students, academics, professionals and innovators across disciplines. This Student Code of Conduct applies to students of the Master’s in Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability (MIHDS), as well as other students who may use the space.


Student users of the space are committed to the values of responsibility and respect as laid out in the Charter of the University of Geneva, as well as in the general Code of Conduct for the SDG Solution Space and where relevant the specific Code of Conduct for use of the SDG Fab Lab

In addition to these values, common sense should be applied to guide all actions in the SDG Solution Space, when applying the utilization rules summarized below. 

Utilization of the common spaces of the building

  • Be mindful of the limited space of communal areas in the building, like the kitchen on the first floor and the terrace, including leaving enough space for other residents.
  • Be respectful of the working environment of the building including minimizing the amount of disturbance caused when transitioning between different areas. 

Utilization of the SDG Solution Space

  • Be respectful of the shared nature of the space, including putting furniture back to its original position, and keeping the space clean.
  • Be responsible in using the kitchen including putting the dishes away after use, and starting and unloading the dishwasher accordingly.
  • When leaving the space last, make sure that all windows, lights, and doors are closed.

Utilization for independent study activities

  • For independent study activities in the SDG Solution Space outside of daily opening hours (Monday-Friday 8:00-18:00), one person should always be identified as Responsible Student for the space. This person should announce themselves to the SDG Solution Space Operations Team (, be familiar with the access rules and safety procedures for the building and the housekeeping rules for the SDG Solution Space. 
  • The Responsible Student ensures that all other persons present have legitimate study-related reasons for being in the space, and respect the utilization guidelines above for both the space and the building. 

Utilization for events and gatherings 

COVID-19 rules and restrictions

  • During the coronavirus pandemic, use of the SDG Solution Space is subject to rules and restrictions imposed by Federal and Cantonal authorities and the University of Geneva, as well as any further rules or restrictions applied by the building manager, EPFL Innovation.
  • The SDG Solution Space Operations Team will regularly inform the MIHDS students about how any changes to rules and restrictions should be implemented in practice. These rules and restrictions may include, amongst others, limitations on numbers of people in the space, times of access to the space and purpose of utilization of the space, as well as obligation to register online to use the space.