Authors: Ludovica Donati, Cassandre De Froidmont, Coline Jeannet, Samsam Mahamad, Emily Sheene, Miriam Steffen

Hello dear fellows, we sadly announce you that this might be our last blog for this year. Too bad we know, but at least it is a really cool one!

Just because we had not experimented enough things during this project, today we tried and succeeded, in creating our “Fem.Friendly” logo for our stickers.

It was a long and somewhat complicated process since none of us is very tecky, but luckily we could benefit from our neighbours’ expertise. Yes, on this project we collaborated with our “geek” fellows from the “FabLab”, particularly Jean-Marie Durney who was the most patient instructor we could have ever hoped for! Here you can see him explain us how to draw with vectors programs.

So the drawing of the logo came out quite cool, or at least we are very satisfied by it! But it still remained the problem of making a sticker out of it. How? With a laser machine (and Jean-Marie help of course ;))! Plus, with a lot of patience (it took us almost one hour to make one sticker but is so pretty!!).

Above you can see how the musketeer Coline is diligently separating all the different layers needed for the creation of our logo. Yes, we know that the sticker production process needs to be improved, but do not worry we already have some ideas on how to fasten this process!

And here you can have a look of “saint” Jain-Marie posing for us with the final product! Not bad eihn?!

All our bleeding love,

The MHM Muskeeters