Authors: Regina Galhardi, Yimin Zhou, Ellen Jin

People are interested and always asking us, why don’t you spend more time to find the best material, which is 100% bio?

Actually, group members in this project have been following with interest on this topic for several years, and top 3 greenest materials available in the market are the three below: poly lactic acid product from Switzerland, the leaf product from Germany and edible product from China. Detailed material has been listed below, with a brief analysis on both strengths and drawbacks.

Due to the diversity of Chinese cuisine, the food containers have to possess the three features: waterproof, oilproof and heatproof. And in order to be able to used as food containers for take-away food, the products have to be into various shapes. However, the three greenest products below can’t satisfy all the four features at the same time. Companies worldwide have spent millions of US dollars to find the best alternative, we don’t know when will the best alternative come on the scene in China.


  1. Leaf Republic, Germany.
  2. Pacovis Food Packaging, Switzerland.
  3. Edible food container in China.