Access Rules and Safety Procedures

1. Medical Emergency
If you need medical attention, please reach a first-aid volunteer at the security lodge.

From a mobile phone: 058 944 03 33 

From a desk phone: 155

In case of serious injury requiring ambulance/medical services call 144 from any phone.

2. Building Malfunctions

Including lighting, ventilation, heating/cooling, sanitary installations, access control, cleaning, waste disposal, acts of vandalism,

send an email to :

In case of emergencies such as flooding, power failure, abnormal smell,

telephone building maintenance : 021 353 80 11 (weekdays 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

outside these hours contact building security : 058 944 03 33

3. How to obtain an access card / app

1) Download and activate the app JustIn Mobile (Android / Apple) on your smartphone.

2) Write an email to with the following information:
– Confirm you’ve completed point 1)
– Family name
– Given name
– Mobile number
– Email
– Passport picture in JPG format indicating your full name in the title

4. Troubleshooting the access card / app

Write an email to explaining the problem you are encountering with the card/app (e.g.: reactivation, deadline extension, mobile number change, etc.)




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