2024 SDG Summer School in Geneva

In 2024, the theme of the SDG Summer School in Geneva is Planetary Health, with a focus on how climate change is impacting human health.

This one-month summer school, focused on challenge-based innovation, is part of an SDG Olympiad happening at several Universities around the globe.  

You can register for the SDG Summer School in Geneva on the Geneva Summer Schools website.

Motivation: The SDG Summer School in Geneva enables students to play an active role in tackling the SDGs, in close collaboration with mentors from UN agencies and other International Organisations in Geneva. The focus is on team-based problem solving using crowdsourcing methodologies and open data. Teams are formed by Bachelor and Master students selected from a wide range of backgrounds, coached by PhD students with specialist knowledge.  

Testimony: the video below sums up the impact of the 2023 SDG Summer School in Geneva, in the words of its participants. This was one of five SDG Summer Schools held in July 2023, the others being in Bangkok, Lagos, Nairobi and Paris. The projects from each summer school are summarised in an SDGZine

SDG Solution Space

The SDG Summer School in Geneva takes place in the SDG Solution Space, a student innovation hub managed by the University of Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM). The space is situated in the heart of International Geneva, just across the street from the World Meteorological Organization, The UN HIgh Commission for Refugees and the World Trade Organization, and a few minutes walk from dozens of other International Organizations and hundreds of NGOs. This unique location ensures close collaboration with mentors from international organisations and NGOs in Geneva who provide exciting challenges based on their extensive field experience. The hands-on team-based methodology is inspired by Jean Piaget, a pioneer in pedagogical innovation at the University of Geneva and founder of the International Bureau of Education, the predecessor of UNESCO. Like Piaget, we encourage young people to embrace a challenge-based and hands-on mode of learning during the SDG Summer School.

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