SDG Innovation Bootcamps


From Ideas to Sustainable Impact

SDG Innovation Bootcamps are a series of short programs (online or hybrid) aimed at a new generation of impact entrepreneurs, willing to collectively act in order to identify, delineate and address outstanding challenges for the SDGs, through open innovation.

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Learning Goal #1

Address concrete SDG challenges “hands-on” :

  • identify SDG challenges,
  • factor in arising opportunities,
  • implement practical solutions.

Learning Goal #2

Integrate technologies :

  •  for SDG monitoring,
  •  for environmental, social and economic innovations,
  •  for scaling for impact.

Learning Goal #3

Activate collective intelligence :

  • shift from routine practices to adaptive innovation,
  • get wicked problems solved,
  • maximize consensus building,
  • engage all business lines and at any organizational level.

Learning Goal #4

Implement new business practices embedded with :

  • adaptability,
  • accountability,
  • responsibility.


Learning Goal #5

Seek the most adapted funding schemes :

  • philanthropy,
  • impact investment,
  • blended finance,
  • traditional finance.

Mission Statement

We aim to educate a new generation of students and professionals, to be innovation experts for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Past Programs

  • Geneva | SDG Innovation Bootcamp  Nov. 2018
  • Tsinghua | SDG Innovation Bootcamp Apr. 2019
  • Tsinghua | SDG Innovation Bootcamp Nov. 2019


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That week in China was a real discovery! We had the opportunity to hear very good speakers to better understand the sustainable development ecosystem in China and to better understand their state of mind on this subject. By the end of the week, I had learned a lot and this served me directly to better imagine my project in China: developing hackathon to foster innovation for sustainable development in this country.

Julia Dallest

Head of Operations , Open Geneva Association

“The SDG Innovation Bootcamp gave me many tools to boost my project. The Geneva experience was great because of the network and experienced professionals we were introduced to. The China experience was an amazing approach to a marvelous culture. The best of all was to meet successful entrepreneurs from both regions and to share experiences.” 
Sandra Orcí Gutiérrez

“When i first knew about the Geneva-Tsinghua Innovation Bootcamp in Sustainable Finance, I was in a very specific moment of my life, transitioning from the academic field of social anthropology and indigenous peoples to a career in sustainable development. While in the night before the first day of bootcamp I was really afraid how I would manage to contribute with much more experiences colleagues, I felt warmly welcomed and had a great experience. The organizers and speakers were terrifically welcoming and supportive and made me realize my expertise in social anthropology and my experience working with indigenous peoples in Amazonia fit just right.” Alumni of Sustainable Finance Innovation Bootcamp 2020 (online)


Dr. Leif Grünewald

Research Fellow in Social Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples

“I had a rich learning experience on the SDGs, made new friends from around the world and discovered China’s innovation landscape!”

Naveen Kumar Samuel Kori

Young India Fellow, 2020 Ashoka University

When I arrived at Tsinghua University, I was immediately struck by the kindness and open-mindedness of our host, the X-Lab, as well as by the quality of the speakers we had (UNDP, etc.). The presentations of the various speakers focused on concrete issues related to sustainable development and, as a startup founder, I particularly appreciated the visit to the daycare center for autistic people in Beijing, an example of a success story that allows us to affirm loud and clear that social impact and business can be very effective. The icing on the cake of the week was the SDG OpenHack, which, thanks to the mix of its participants and the richness of the discussions discussed, will set the pace and serve as an example for future hackathons in the region. 

In summary, I would strongly recommend this week to any student or entrepreneur with the ambition to think out of the box and broaden his or her field of thought! 

Justin Cornut

Swiss House of Brands