This page is dedicated to the students of the Master in Innovation, Human Development & Sustainability of the University of Geneva and their research. These blog posts give you an idea of the projects developped within the Solution Space and the Master Degree.

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Real Food Systems (RFS)

On Monday, 25 October 2021, our Research and Innovation Methodology class had the amazing opportunity to hear from Karlee Schnyder, under the theme: Food production and SDGs. Karlee Schnyder is both the Director and Youth Ambassador Coordinator at Real Food Systems,...

Data Science for the SDGs

1st of November 2021 Juliette Gailly and Zoé Riondel Introduction of the panelists and organizations Prof. Matteo Tarantino is a lecturer at the University of Geneva and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milano. He specializes in gathering and processing...

Panel Discussion on Digital Health and SDGs

On October 25th our research and Methodology Class had a series of interesting speakers and engaging discussions. We had three speakers come in to discuss their work with the class and underscore the need for global cooperation in an era of unprecedented crisis.

Empowering Refugees through Higher Education

Post by Mariya Denisieva, Thurka Sinnathurai and Xenia Harder   Introduction of the Panelist In today’s panel, we were introduced to InZone - a programme of the University of Geneva that empowers refugee communities by providing them with higher education...

COVID-19 Update

Following the federal government easing of restrictions on in-person teaching in Swiss universities as of Monday, 19 April and the University of Geneva’s subsequent guidelines on this, we are happy to confirm that the SDG Solution Space is now partially open to our partners, students and other collaborators.