2050Today is developed as a partnership of the Swiss Confederation (Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), the Republic and Canton of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the University of Geneva and Industrial Services of Geneva. 2050Today members include over 60 institutions of International Geneva comprising permanent missions, international organizations, private and civil society entities.

We mobilize climate action by helping members measure their emissions, implement common and customized solutions through working groups and benefit from applied research through our cooperation with the SDG Solution Space.

Our Objectives

  • Measure and Reduce Emissions
  • Foster Cooperation & Collective¬†Action through Working Groups
  • Implement science based solutions

2050Today Member Opportunities

  • A network and expertise of 60+ global Geneva partners
  • Emission measuring and auditing¬†
  • Common projects and customized solutions to reduce emissions¬†
  • Thematic working groups with Geneva experts and practitioners
  • Applied scientific research through partnership with the University of Geneva

Learn more at 2050Today.org.