Welcome to the SDG Solution Space

The Open Space for Innovation and Education about the SDGs

in the Heart of International Geneva.

Gearing up for the SDGs

In May 2017, the University of Geneva opened the SDG Solution Space in the heart of International Geneva, home to more than 500 international organizations, non-governmental organizations and diplomatic missions. Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the SDG Solution Space hosts education and research activities that support innovation for the SDGs, in collaboration with a wide range of partners in International Geneva and around the world. 

To mark its fifth anniversary in May 2022, the SDG Solution Space broadened its online scope by gathering on this website many of the initiatives that are going on in the space, to provide a coherent view of these activities. Inspired by Geneva’s watchmaking tradition, the various projects and programs form a GEAR mechanism, illustrated below. The SDG Solution Space has four goals: Generate sustainable solutions, Educate social entrepreneurs, Accelerate open innovation and Research public participation. All for the SDGs. All connected to International Geneva. 

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