Hello readers!

Featured from original post by Emily Sheene

You’ve found yourself at the virtual SDG Solution Space, welcome! While this is a space we are all quite proud of and using as a home base to share about our projects, I thought it would also be cool if you could have a peek at what the brick and mortar SDG Solution Space looks like.

So, let me transport you to the place where the magic happens! The Solution Space is located in the Innovation Park building at the Biotech campus in Geneva. The Biotech campus is a joint initiative with a vision to “ensure that the Lake Geneva region and Switzerland as a whole remains at the cutting edge in the fields of biotechnology and life science research” (if you are interested more in the biotech campus, please visit Campus Biotech ). To enter the biotech buildings, you must have a badge. Yes, that’s right, someone at last has recognized our VIP status!

Ok moving on… the Solution Space is super cool and while disconnected from the other UNIGE buildings, this space feels like our own and is very comfortable and conductive to creative thinking. Attached to the Solution Space is a FabLab. Don’t know what a FabLab is? Head on over to Fab Foundation to check it out!

No exaggerations with the comfort level here!


In addition to all the chill open space, there is also technology. Lots and lots of fun technology. Let me debrief it all for you. Here’s what you can find in the Solution Space:

  • surround sound

  • two 4K Sony televisions (75 inches)

  • projector

  • Plotter HP T790 A0 (see below)

  • HP LaserColor A4 (see below)

  • 4 Go Pros (hero 4 session) + more on the way!

  • coffee machines (the most underrated piece of equipment if you ask me)

SDG Fablab

Specifically in the FabLab you can find:

  • 3D printer (Ultimaker 2+) using Cura software:

    • equipped to print PLA recyclable (corn, etc.) & ABS petrol
  • Vinyl cutter (Roland CAMM-1 GS 24)

  • Laser Cutter (TROTEC Speedy 360):

    • Can engrave & cut plastic, glass (engrave only), acrylic, MDF, different plywood and denim among other things
  • CNC Milling Machine (Roland MDX40A):

    • Used for prototyping, molding & to make PCB Electronics

    • Can use many materials with this machine

  • 3D Scanner

In addition to these larger machines, there are also many smaller technologies in the FabLab. Here are some pictures of all this groovy equipment!

Disclaimer: I am not super techy, so sorry if I messed up a description here. But you get the point—there is a lot of cool equipment and it is all at our VIP fingertips. Thanks to Thomas Maillart and Jean-Marie Durney for providing the specs on the machines. By the way, we love having visitors, so if you haven’t checked out the SDG Solution Space yet (or even if you have), get in contact or just come on by! We hope to see you soon!