SDG Summer School 

3-28 July 2023 

The SDG Summer School is a challenge-based-learning course, run in collaboration with key players in global health, including relevant academic institutions and international organizations.

The theme of the 2023 edition of the SDG Summer School is “Open Source Health Solutions”. The school lasts four weeks, from Monday 3 to Friday 28 July. The format is hybrid, with teams working locally in maker spaces in Geneva and around the world, while collaborating online in a global network.

Key information about the school:

  • A one-month format, taking place in innovation spaces at partner universities around the globe (Geneva, Paris and Shenzhen in 2022) as well as online mentoring from experts. 
  • Teams selected for their complementary skills (medicine, biology, law, business, IT, design etc) and their creative and cooperative abilities to find out-of-the-box solutions. 
  • Challenges and mentorship provided by practitioners in international organizations and leading global health researchers in participating academic institutions. 
  • Each team coached by a PhD student who has relevant research experience and a clear interest in tackling the team’s specific challenge. 
  • A chance to learn about open science (open data, open source hardware and software, citizen science etc), as well as use of crowdsourcing tools and innovation management principles. 
  • An emphasis on rapid prototyping of solutions and an evaluation through weekly pitching sessions and careful project documentation. 
  • The summer school is worth 6 ECTS credits for undergraduates and 2ECTS for PhD coaches, if approved by the student’s home university. 


APPLICATIONS (click on your preferred host site):

Geneva (University of Geneva, SDG Solution Space)

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SDG Summer School 2023

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