Projects at SDG Solution Space

AI for ASD

This project is aimed at using computer vision and artificial intelligence to sense, model, and predict social interactions, and thus help diagnose and develop novel therapeutic approaches for autism.


Fine cartography of PM2.5/PM10 cartography for Geneva. AirLogger came from a simple concern: in Geneva, PM10 and PM2.5 measurements are hard to come by, and quite irrelevant. We want to provide a device to measure air quality, on the go, with the user, and aggregate them, so we can map the pollution, with the ability to advise the user on what to do to avoid pollution.


Integration in Progress

The aim of this project is to tackle the current challenges related to the integration process of refugee women and refugees generally speaking, into the social and professional sphere. The method used in this project is so called “hackathon”, which is an event that is expected to bring together actors with various experience and expertise coming from different backgrounds such as international organizations, private and public sectors, academia or civil society composed of refugees, specialists and students. We would like to bring a change in Geneva and improve refugees conditions with a focus on women.

Living in Geneva

The Menstrual Health Management Musketeers

Plastic Pollution

SDG Popularization

Sustainable Housing

by Benjamin Schmale

Sustainability is arguable one of the greatest problems that humanity faces. The UN certainly thinks so, as evidenced by their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Sustainability is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. My project aims to solve some of these issues; by creating a self-sustaining house, I am addressing at least four of the SDGs.

Measuring & Predicting SDGs (Fall Workshop)

The very first workshop on Measuring and Predicting SDGs was held in the Fall Semester 2017 at SDG Solution Space. It was a project in itself for teachers and students. A great challenge for all participants.