In 2009, a partnership agreement between CERN, UNIGE, and UNITAR was established to promote citizen cyberscience projects and events that can provide individuals and institutions in the developing world with appropriate low-cost technologies for research. Initially called the Citizen Cyberscience Centre, this partnership was renamed Citizen Cyberlab in 2015.

Founding Partners

Citizen Cyberlab participates in a number of collaborative projects with other leading institutions in the area of citizen cyberscience and related science and technology. These projects are supported by national and international funding organizations, both public and private.

Founding Sponsors

Sponsor status is open to organizations with a recognized standard of excellence in the field of information technology and to institutional public donors. Requests from any other interested entity or person shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Founding Sponsors contribute to the core costs of running the Citizen Cyberscience Centre.

Project & Event Sponsors

Project and Event Sponsors make contributions that are earmarked for specific research projects and public events that the Partners define in collaboration with the sponsor.