Housekeeping rules

1. Stick to the schedule
The space is reserved for you at an agreed hour. Should you need to start 10 minutes later than originally planned, please make sure you finish on time to avoid collisions with another event.

2. Bring your own supplies
Unless agreed differently with the SDG Solution Space team, you should bring supplies and material necessary for your event. You can be provided with some prototyping material from the FabLab but make sure you have sufficient in order for your event to run smoothly. Ask us about what you we could offer you!

3. Take care of the space’s equipment
The equipment in the SDG Solution Space is permanently on-site and is at the disposal of your event’s participants. To avoid any damage, make sure you move the equipment with care when adapting the space to your event’s needs. Any equipment loss or damage will be treated according to the liability insurance provided.

4. Keep your temporary access badges safe
Wear visibly your temporary access badges provided to you throughout the whole duration of your event and keep them safe until the end of the event. As the badges need to be returned to the Campus Biotech reception, If a team member of the SDG Solution Space is present at the end of your event, return the badges back to him/her, if not, please leave them inside the wooden cupboard at the space’s entrance. The organiser or participant bears the cost of the lost badge, which is 20 CHF.

5. Keep the space and kitchen clean
When your event has come to an end, make sure you leave the space in the same conditions that you found it. You can leave the tables, chairs, flipcharts, whiteboards and mobile screens as they are, however, put all your trash in the respective bins in the kitchen, and your tableware in the dishwasher and make sure the kitchen is clean.

6. Before leaving the space – checklist
1. Put all waste in trash and in the respective recycling bins that you find in the kitchen – for glass and glass bottles, there are special bins in the kitchen of the 1st floor of the Campus Biotech Innovation Park building.
2. Put any dirty tableware you used in the dishwasher.
3. When the dishwasher is full; put the cleaning capsule that you can find in the cupboards underneath the sink in the dishwasher & put the dishwasher in Eco-mode to start it off.
4. Please handwash and leave to dry any dirty tableware not fitting in the dishwasher.
5. Give all access badges back to a team member. If nobody is present, put them inside the wooden cupboard at the entrance of the space.
6. Close all the windows of the space.
7. Turn off the lights (next to the door).
8. Close the door behind you.

7. Share our Housekeeping Rules for your event
Sharing is caring. Kindly communicate our housekeeping rules to your event’s participants.



Thank you,
The SDG Solution Space team