About the 2024 Geneva Trialogue

The theme of this year’s Geneva Trialogue is AI and Education for the SDGs. The event has a special focus on applications of AI to the Model United Nations (MUN). This theme and focus are directly inspired by the outcomes of the 2023 Geneva Trialogue, which showed the potential for AI to transform the learning experience of MUN events.

Inspired by this potential, a prototype was developed in a subsequent hackathon by experts from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). This was demonstrated at COP 28 in Dubai, and the result is now being integrated into the workflow for future COPs.

This chain of events started from the initial seed of an idea from the Geneva Trialogue. We expect similarly impactful outcomes from this year’s Geneva Trialogue. That’s why your organization should be at the table where innovation for education and the SDGs begins! 

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The Geneva Trialogue is an invitation only event

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